The rhythm of nature

The Rhythm Of Nature is a Rhythm we all dance.

In ancient times, there were no General Practitioners or doctors. People knew how to use the Gifts of Nature, and they worked with a loving understanding of herbs, plants, fruits, vegetables, sea water and oils to help heal themselves. They shared their experiences. They used to take care of themselves, of the planet and the gifts Mother Nature gives to all.

AT THE RHYTHM OF NATURE, we embrace and enjoy the wonders of Life and the gifts of Mother Nature;

- nurturing the heart, soothing healing to all levels of the being;

- bringing freshness and vitality to the Spirit;

- and vigor & strength to our Mind Body Spirit Balance

We have opened up right in the middle of the Blue Mediterranean Sea


Malta, a natural hub of beauty, where the purest energy calls us back to our roots; the existence that brings us together as one.

Treasures, which from our infinite journey we delight sharing, in total renewal and trust of the Self.

Our mission is to bring forward the art of self healing, combining all elements that are health related, together in a mixture of fun & active living. Great wholesome energy combined with the Gifts of Mother Nature; complimentary therapy services; quality food served at our healthy kitchen and picked fresh from our fields;music & team play; physical activity, learning & sharing of research and much more. At The Rhythm Of Nature, we reawaken the knowledge that is within, to a better understanding of our living experience on Earth. We come with heartfelt openness, recreating ourselves in all directions of time and do this in mindful and sustainable ways. We are here for you and for each other; for the well-being of all of us. We are here, because we believe in a positive colorful future for the children of this world.

We believe, we all deserve the best of health, the best of strength and the best of love.