The Rhythm of Nature proudly present ; Questionmark Plus!

A quick project we get in our hands of a AA location in Rabat-Mdina  what we could not let it go, so kindly look at 

This very innovative project is palling to open the doors and get every one exited by the end of the year or beginning of netx year, so by close to the opening we let every one know! 

Make some noise !

The fist fun events is  launched by the team of The Rhythm Of Nature.  As we go around the country we first  focus on intresting and exiting events, before we officially launch our unique  Center. We are proud to do joint events with, Palazzo Castelletti where our first events are set. The first of April (and yeah it's no joke) see or click on this  FUNKY FOOD TASTING . 

Upcoming event is  Dining in the Dark on the 26th of April, and we assure you it will be equally a tempting event; where you focus on your senses and double enjoy the flavors of the food ! During the the launching of the first event we are happy to have been interviewed already by NET TV , Host Josef Bonello, and soon to be getting  as well exposure by PBS with Antonella Vassallo,

Big thanks to both hosts!!  see here the interview 

Interview at Net TV   

Interview at PBS but from 0:36 !!