The Branches

Our Team of Complimentary Therapists is always growing like the branches of a tree.

There is a biological process in trees that helps safeguard the air of the planet. We breathe it in. Trees are constantly helping us.
At Rhythm Of Nature the therapists and natural healers come from a place of gentleness to share health, love and joyous fun with the people, and especially with the local people and their friends. Through ongoing practice and research they are able to expand their knowledge. Like this we ensure the highest possible standards of ethical behavior and care, at all times.

We are interested in natural ways, healing with herbs & plants, quality food and crystals. Art and Music is also brought in as a healing modality. Physical Activity and Quality Living are a priority on our list. We are very much interested in recreating the balance of the emotions and the state of well-being to help people achieve harmony with themselves and in their relationships.
Across the globe, indigenous cultures are guided by people who work with and use the healing properties of plants. In Malta we have our own healers. This brings into memory Frenċ tal-Għarb, the (world)famous healer from Gozo. He used a large array of herbs and many of us recall the many people who sought his help. Many of us also tell about how our grandmothers used gifts from Mother Nature, to support healing, often with amazing effect.
~ Did you know that:
- so far, Western researchers have identified approximately 25,000 species of medicinal plants, which have saved drug companies thousands of dollars in needless testing?
- herbs and crystal can be used also at home to help you adjust to your own rhythm of nature and bring self healing?

Lemon Balm has calming effects, which can reduce anxiety and sleep problems.

If you are experiencing anxiety that is brought about by a panic attack, the crystal, Green Tourmaline very well may be able to help you calm down. Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate can also have a calming effect. You can also prefer to work with Lepidolite and/or Lithium in Quartz. Both of these crystals contain natural Lithium which is calming and soothing and restoring also the aura.

Respected and highlyesteemed for their service and dedication, this is the core team:

Merlin  Pickston 

Merlin has a high level of expertise in the HR field; he easily achieved high levels of performance and supported people, allowing them to focus on their development to get the best out of them for themselves, the project and the company. His profile and track record says enough, at The Rhythm of Nature we are blessed to have Merlin on our team. From different departments at Tesco in the UK including their online grocery operation to Lecturing at the University of Worcester supporting students studying their masters in HRM. His legacy is pure with love and dignity. He is our big HR brother to keep an eye on our performance!

Alan & Adriana Hudson

Alan and Adrian operate under the name of Anurakti. Anurakti means love, passion and devotion whilst doing something. A Passion for Real Food; the drive that keeps them going and always motivated to serve customers only the best. Expertly prepared food which reflects ample dedication, devotion, and a great combination of flavors. Their food exceeds the expectations of others in many ways. Creations for a Better life. They love what they are doing and they do it because they believe that healthy is tasty. They cater food and desserts to nurture body, mind and soul.

Chris Beks
CFO from, a Dutch based Entertainment and event organization, responsible for many formats currently running on international television. And branded entertainment
formats bought and execute by different local and international brands and companies. Focus on digital and traditional media, gaming, film and music industries for the last 21 years.
TRON develop with experts like Chris tailer made media concept in the media market.

Foppe J. Seekles

Keywords: International Social Responsible development; highly experienced coach, networker, lobbyist & researcher; media experience; image building & cooperative strategy; economic & tourism development; partner search & investment management.
Experience / Education / background: Civil Engineering; urban designer; Spatial Planning expert; Coastal management expert; Tao Tantric Master; Crystal Reiki Master; special education in social skills, international cooperation, diplomacy; experienced manager & team leader; lifelong sportsman. 
Interests over last 5 years: PEOPLE; Healthy food patterns, Homeopathy, Crystal & Human Energy, Healthy children, sports.
Work environment:PEOPLE; NGO’s 45 yrs; owner company 12 yrs; Government 30 yrs; international 37 yrs.
Personal goal: Sharing my knowledge, experience & contact network with the People of Malta on their better way of life, mutual understanding and mutual respect: stimulating improved education, healthy & healing food patterns, sustainable agriculture, respecting nature and each other. Bringing together the people and organizations in improving the quality of life of the people in Malta, working in good cooperation: " For the People, With the People".

Helfred van Malkenhorst
Helfred is a third generation baker and highly qualified executive chef who bring with him over 20- years creative and innovative cuisine, food and beverages expertise into our group. He has during his career been active in various locations in Europe, South America and South East Asia. He has worked in 2-Star Michelin restaurants and gained valuable senior management experience and expertise in the execution of high-end cuisines and F&B concepts for hotels, resorts and restaurants.