The Fruits

As a team we have grown beyond our current challenges and we enjoy bringing the best of services.

Like the produce of the fruits and vegetables we are on the market all year round. We know that our clients seek us all throughout the year.

- we keep ourselves fresh and that means we can meet our daily recommendations on time and with love and much understanding;
- we have the strength and insight to meet the growing demand; we are now taking the next step of opening up new and bigger premises in Malta which makes it possible to establish ourselves even more strongly locally and International. We have a strong networking already in full cooperation, to open up the branding also abroad.

We all benefit for spending quality time in nature. That is why we chose the premises for the Operational Center to be right immersed amongst trees, plants and flowers; boosting the natural flora and fauna of Malta, in the most clean and untouched ways.

Allow yourself to open up to your healing potencial.
How do we achieve this at The Rhythm Of Nature?
And what are our services?

a) providing education about wellbeing & health; taking care of our loving Self
changing of food patterns and providing restorative quality food at reachable prices for the people
b) accessible healthy ingredients to use as at home; improving quality of life
c) highly specialized health services, under one roof; A, team of complimentary International therapist working with nature and in full coordination together:
- doing case taking meticulously and professionally;
- sharing data and profiling of clients among the complementary team of natural healers
- we offer a one-to-one approach that improves Self healing and strengthens the inner core all throughout;
- working with the most modern therapy equipment yet also working from a very sacred space. (Our various healing modalities take us back to ancient wisdom and ancestral knowledge);
- diagnosing the cause of disease to bring the Mind, the Body, the Spirit in balance so delivering a flow of wholesome energy to all parts of the Self on All levels and through the combination of various healing modalities;
- we work with herbs and medicinal plants, Biomagnetism and Crystalline Resonance Energy*; Vibrational Healing and Quantum Touch; raising the frequency of the bio-electromagnetic field of the individual;
- we also give attention to the Assemblage Point of the individual
- we work also with Art Therapy, Sound Healing, & Cognitive Therapy
* Crystalline Resonance Energy is used in UK/ Canada/ US/China/Western Europe either before, after or instead of surgery; in major clinics all over the world for more than 15 years. In various situations we cooperate with doctors/ scientists/researchers locally and abroad.

Our bodies are capable of repairing themselves, but only if our physical and mental state are in the right alignment.

So our services also include:
a) opportunities for growth and true self development; healthy & active living; activities both indoors and outdoors for groups; families; school children and more... that enhance life skills, adventure and integration of creative and problem solving concepts
b) increasing the opportunities for fun physical activity and creative movement for children and adults alike; tools to fight our way out of obesity and malnutrition
c) professional kitchen set up on international levels of health & safety to cater for in house training, eating in and eat out catering, to truly support the changing of food patterns
d) opportunities for students to be part of a career center set up by our Operational Team. The chosen participating students will be guided by international professionals to do international research.
e) insightful and fun workshops, seminars, webinars, hands on activities for learning & understanding; integrating self healing and building healthy loving relationships
f) sharing of knowledge and research on international level and an opportunity to be part of our research council.
g) Updates of health reviews from all over the world; newsletters and online shopping of healthy products, foods, and much more.
h) Gem & Crystal shop integrated in the building(s) of The Rhythm Of Nature; including a collection of herbs, healing teas and nature products

At The Rhythm Of Nature we  keep the hospitality on a high level. We serve others in ways we would want to be treated ourselves. This keeps the flow of good health. We have a good value for money policy, and we bring forward the best of services and the best of products at a constant rhythm. Our great humor coupled with love and gentleness with staff and guests, with a easy going aprodge, keeps the respect and dignity in the right order. Whether you are young at heart, or young in age, we treat people with the same happy mindset. To achieve a home feeling for everyone, we come from a space where we ourselves have stopped self criticism. There is no judgment that rules our heart. We are also very selective in the choice of staff, as well as in our trainings. All throughout at The Rhythm of Nature, we invest in friendliness happiness  and relaxation, and we give priority to the wellbeing of both the staff and the guests.

Our drive is the growing clientele, who make it possible for us to deliver these services with great hospitality and impeccable excellence.