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We are wanting so much to give the Maltese community the opportunity to regain strength, energy and vitality to improve their health. We know that when this happens the intelligence level of the people rises, the focus, the stamina and the presence of being is more natural. We also know that this gives better educational standing to the country which means that overall participation of the people in life becomes more active and responsible.

Part of our extensive programme in heath care education is taking care of our bodies on all levels. We do this through various creative expressions.

- Practicing silence together with meditation is a great tool for elevating consciousness, instilling calmness and peace. It is a way of self discovery that gives rest to the chaotic mind and body, reviving energy and feeding enthusiasm.

- Dance and rhythmical movement is another means through which we expand our creative expression. It goes beyond restrictive thinking as energy is released and directed towards attainable results.

- Our aim is also to instill relaxation. As we learn to come together as a group, we learn to relax. We unfold into the idea that we are eternal beings and that our desires will never cease to flow. Children and adults alike are shown how to verbally communicate their thoughts in a calm, poised manner, without entering in conflict. This enhances the ability to live a more authentic life.

We are generating awareness amongst individuals and groups who are wanting to come to terms with one's true nature of expansion. It is this unspeakable joy that we want to share with the world through our endeavors and willful efforts to create a better planet.

When we truly nourish and nurture ourselves we can transform our old unhealthy habits and regain our vitality.

A comprehensive way of operating that involves a whole-of-society approach to stay healthy:
a) our aim as a team is to bring people together such as therapists, carers, parents, children, educators and other academic institutions , including also sports coaches, cooks, food producers and suppliers.
b) through our international research group we coordinate and exchange information, guiding people especially with better, healthy living through fun ways.
c) promoting sustainable development to teach the people about the after effects of malnutrition and how to take better care of themselves while enjoying life.
d) creating access to healthy food ensuring that it is affordable; we want to work also on the availability and the quality of healthy food at national level to put Malta on a platform for sustainable tourism.

At The Rhythm Of Nature we aim for quality of life, where individuals are respected, recognized and acknowledged exactly for who they are.
Also we respect the ancient civilizations and engage in collaborative group work to revive the old traditions and inherited wisdom. A community that is connected to its ancient wisdom gets to know its strengths and recognizes itself.
We also aim to promote tourism destination and a philosophy that educates towards the betterment of high quality tourism, thereby linking the local experiences to international relations.
This highlights the importance of re-educating the existing communities into an awareness of growing into social responsible adults, communing with others in loving ways across cultures.
A relation based on harmony and appreciation starts building. This relationship opens the individual to everything around. Then it gains priority. So what is learnt is gained and turned into a deeper understanding. Malta, and its people, deserves to be promoted on a higher level of integrity.